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The world’s most advanced and effective 12 week transformation system, changing each graduate both inside and out. There is no better system to safely lose and keep off the most body fat possible in 12 weeks. Unlike other systems however you will set personal strength bests, gain the most lean muscle mass possible, AND increase all around athletic performance & overall health.

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Becoming A Life Coach

Becoming a Life Coach: Transformation Tuesday

Becoming a Life Coach: Transformation Tuesday 

Becoming a life coach was a career I could have never envisioned for myself.  The term itself, “life coach,” has always sounded somewhat ridiculous.  After years of struggling, coaching others and continually changing myself I see the value in trying to teach others the principles I have learned.  In the end these principles of change, regardless of the goal, teach us how to live differently.  Real meaningful change occurs throughout one’s entire life, not just spending hours at the gym. Continual unwanted experiences make people eventually seek answers for how to change.  This process is far more complex though than “eat this, don’t eat that” and “exercise more.” 

Becoming overweight, obese, chronically ill and physically weak requires certain thoughts, emotions and beliefs.  Becoming a life coach by first addressing the root causes of my unhealthy problem behaviors has taught me how complex this process is.  No one chooses one day to become angry, anxious, depressed, or living in fear.  Rather it is our environments, beginning at a very young age when we are forming our beliefs based on those around us, that teach us irrational and unhealthy beliefs about ourselves, humanity and life itself.

I don’t see a rational argument that could justify the poor health that most in western culture now experience.  We have created an unhealthy environment that makes people overweight and obese, and in some state of chronic disease most of their life.  This is not only sad but it now is an existential crises for the survival of our culture.  If any part of you is ready to change then follow the path of those who have already accomplished your goal(s) by learning about their perception and methods in these blogs!

Life Lesson Quote

Becoming a life coach required me to adopt the mindset and practices of those who have created the success I desire.  This proved to be most difficult initially as I wanted to do things “better.”  What this actually meant was I had to create MANY unnecessary mistakes before putting my tail between my legs and doing things the way the most successful were already doing them.  As I have continued on I increasingly see how much I do not yet know.  This may read as a depressing statement, however it is actually very exciting when my mindset is centered in faith in the principles and teachers that have given me the tools to transform.

How to Accomplish Your Goal

Find a reputable system.  I generally have found that the best teachers exude humbleness and work with others towards a common passion.  I would be wary of a singular individual promoting contradictory views if not engaging with other respected men and women in their field.

Pick a plan.  Sounds simple enough, until the real work and challenge begins and the next new shiny thing comes floating along.  Here’s where faith in the system/teacher are crucial, hence the importance of step 1.  Frustration results from unrealistic expectations that have to be updated and lack of patience.  Time and consistent practice are needed.

When struggling ask questions.  Clear communication is absolutely required.  If something hurts, literally then modifications are needed.  If you are uncomfortable then that’s to be expected, however some adjustment may be warranted.  Give details then follow the instructions for how to proceed.

The goal is to follow instructions as close to 100% as possible.  I grade my efforts based on percentages meeting a plan.  Not surprisingly like in school A (90%+) and B (80-90%) efforts create great changes.  Below that the priority needs to become addressing what is missing that is preventing that level of adherence.

If a stronger, more resilient body and mind would make your life more satisfying then contact us now to learn about our optimized programming options.   Your career, kids, traveling, etc. don’t negate the possibility of great changes, in life you can have excuses or results.  For results contact us now. 

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