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Vigor Revolution

The world’s most advanced and effective 12 week transformation system, changing each graduate both inside and out. There is no better system to safely lose and keep off the most body fat possible in 12 weeks. Unlike other systems however you will set personal strength bests, gain the most lean muscle mass possible, AND increase all around athletic performance & overall health.

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Phone: (775) 722-2350
Address: 50 Washington, Reno, NV 89503

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In Each 1 Hour Kettlebell Class You Will:

We guarantee the Vigor Revolution Kettlebell Course is the most thorough, in-depth and simply the best
Kettlebell workout class you will ever experience. Find a Kettlebell class near me today!

Best Exercise For Weight Loss

Incinerate Body Fat

Let’s face it, most of us begin training with the same goal in mind, to look better nekkid! The fitness industry confusion has made it impossible to keep fat off permanently, or to be lean AND healthy! Learn the REAL way to train to remain as lean and as healthy as possible!

Strength Training

Become Stronger

Stop simply exercising and start gaining strength in each & every hour long class. Proper programming creates the ability to move more weight, and for longer periods. This requires manipulating several key factors, THIS is the class that maximizes strength returns WHILE burning fat!

Fitness Gyms Near Me

Increase Cardio

Our programming further delivers by teaching you at precisely what heart rate to train at, and for how long. Gain all the benefits of traditional cardio on top of becoming stronger and leaner without wasting time on machines! Learn more about the benefits of Kettlebell weight loss exercises today!

Flexibility Fitness Classes Near Me

Enhance Movement

This is THE ONLY class ever created that optimize movement on top of everything else! 7 different methods combined with regressions and progressions will make you become more supple during, and more importantly away from training, including the best hands on PT when needed!

The Benefits AWAY from the Kettlebell Classes are Even Greater!
How You Will Benefit from Being in Our Fitness Community:


Become Healthier

For far too long the fitness community has told us “No Pain, No Gain.” In reality this is exactly the opposite of the truth, a vigorous body (strong AND healthy) experiences far less pain day to day! Get all the strength, cardio, and stretching you need in the same hour!

Resilience & Toughness

Learn Resilience

During, and more importantly, OUT of training we all must be at our best to give the most we can to our family, friends, and in our pursuits. In StrongFirst we say “Strength Serves a Greater Purpose,” now begin experiencing this for yourself with the best Kettlebell workout available.

Exist Strong

When properly trained physical strength enhances EVERY facet or our life, discover how your physical strength creates stronger thoughts and emotions! ALL strength we build is authentic, by removing chronic pain and dysfunction.

Group Activities

Fitness Community

It is true that no man is an island. Here is where you will meet others on your path, to build dedication and accountability to become and maintain the best version of YOU working with a certified personal trainer near you!


Optimal Cellular Metabolism!

Learn to eat for what your body needs, rather than trying to force yourself into eating the way a self-proclaimed guru tells you is best! There are simple tests you can use each and every day to immediately see if the foods you eat are increasing or slowing your metabolism down!

Optimized Nutrition

Vigorous Nutrition

Stop jumping from diet to diet, creating yo-yo weight loss and the accompanying emotional roller-coaster and learn how to actually determine what YOUR optimal foods are with simple testing and tracking!



Most of our results happen long after the workout during our chance to recover and adapt. Without optimal recovery we are destined to remain heavy, and look and feel worse than we should be! Included is ALL the tools you need to to thrive 24/7! We will show you how to ditch the supplements and stop wasting time and money on things that don’t work!


Excel Everywhere

We believe there’s zero reason to train if that training is not bringing out our best. Our optimized system ensures you will be ready and at your best for ANY physical event! Realize the body transformation you have always wanted with the best Kettlebell workout out there.

Why is the Strongfirst Kettlebell course the best Kettlebell workout class for you? Exercise Classes Tested AND Proven Over my 12 Year Journey!

We can guarantee this is the best Kettlebell workout out there as I myself have lived what we now teach. From a borderline obese and chronically fatigued twenty something to a Vigorous father and husband, I have had to learn and implement conscious changes to change the course of my life. Once on 5 prescription medications, sleeping 12-14 hours a day, and continually choosing a chronic unhealthy lifestyle I now am more vigorous than ever before at age 36 through optimal training, nutrition, recovery, and being the best I can for my family and friends. I’ve made just about every mistake one can make to regain my optimal Vigor, stop trying to “figure things out” and let us show you the wisdom from hundreds of years of combined knowledge from the healthiest teachers on Earth with our Kettlebell workout classes.

Get Strong with a StrongFirst Certified Personal Trainer and Take the Best Kettlebell Workout Class Available, with a Personal Trainer Who Truly Cares and Understands

Be Among the First to Experience COMPLETE Kettlebell RESULTS!

This revolutionary training class is now available in Reno, NV. Since every class is ultra-personalized ONLY 8 spaces will be available per hour and times will be limited, FILL OUT THE FORM NOW to ensure you are among the first to begin optimizing your body when classes will begin!

What You'll Get When You Sign Up Today

Personalized Body Transformation & Strength Training from a Certified Personal Trainer
A complete movement profile.
Personalized optimized movement routine.
Nutrition template with directions as to how to optimize for YOU!
Simple, short daily practices to function better than ever.
Guaranteed slot for each class training session, only small groups of students each hour!
Multiple instructors per hour when needed to ensure optimal technique.
Private community FaceBook group to receive support and info everyday.
Clear progressions to move better anytime you desire.
Invitations to special workshops regarding various health topics.
Regular strength community events.
Exclusive bonus gear, ONLY available to strength students!

Commitment, Consistency, Effort = Results

When our goal is to create desirable adaptations time and effort are needed.  Our classes are held 3x per week and most will begin experiencing noticeable differences in their daily activities after only 2-3 weeks.  One month of committed training will create great results, 3-6 months and beyond create exponentially more progress!  Our goal is to help you reach your goals, and THEN create higher ones, perhaps ones you don’t think you’re capable of at this time.  To that end we want to create the greatest strength community possible locally in Reno, and encourage this by incentivizing realistic commitments to make good progress.

All plans include the premiere movement test, the FMS screen and accompanying personal movement optimization plan!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You have a full 30 days to test our product. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the RESULTS you receive, simply show up and tell us you quit and receive a full refund. Give it a try, the risk is on us!

Military and First Responders

As a personal thank you to those who must deal with the worst so that we all can live at peace in our country I always offer a 10% discount on ALL my training services to current and former military and first responders!

See What My Customers Say

People just can’t stop talking about the benefits of the Amazing 12 & Kettlebell Vigor programs.
Have a look at the reviews from some of the many happy customers.

Amazing Trainer!

Amazing trainer! Super knowledgeable and will help you with what ever obstacles you have!

Perfect Trainer!

Zach has an excellent understanding of body mechanics and functional movement. He tailors workouts to you and your specific needs.

Far Exceeds Other Trainers

I have worked with Zach on numerous occasions over the past several years. His ability to coach and deliver intelligent training programs and results far exceeds other trainers. I would…read more

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