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Growth Mindset

Transformation Tuesday: Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset: Life Lesson Quote

Last night I lapsed on my keto eating approach. Rather than creating many unhelpful thoughts and emotions I chose to use an objective tool to look at those choices rationally to determine what choices I want to make in the future to keep progressing on my goals.  This is the growth mindset in action, making choices and using the tools of change rather than being reactive and emotional and using unhealthy behaviors to try and numb discomfort and stress. 

The growth mindset is absolutely crucial to make permanent changes.  Initially most of us do not want to change, we want to make the same choices and magically be given different outcomes.  A growth mindset is the opposite, we see that change is not to be feared, that the discomforts we experience can be perceived and felt differently.  Today I use the example of eating a non-keto meal and an effective practice the morning after to immediately get back on track.

CBA: Cost Benefit Analysis

What did my choices last night really amount to?  Using our rational/logical brain and a growth mindset rather than the emotional or reptilian brain to make decisions requires us to identify the costs and benefits of decision-making.  Here’s the full outcome of my decision to eat a gluttonous non-keto meal last night.  You can download a CBA template (here).

I ate seconds of everything and then afterwards was mostly fixated on eating more despite being physically full. I feel no guilt, nor am I berating myself, instead using a CBA for my highest brain to decide what decisions I should make in the future when I eat for celebrations.

Costs of Eating Sugar/Flour

I. Last Night
1. wired + tired.
2. Cravings until I went to sleep. Fixated on more pseudo-food junk, debated leaving the house for fast food and/or ice cream until going to bed.
3. Felt unmotivated, increased negativity, a degree of depression.
4. Stay up later and chose to watch an hour of tv, sacrificing my best day today.

II. This AM
1. Less sleep, more tired.
2. Less focused, chose to drink more caffeine than usual.
3. Feel bloated and heavier.
4. My HrV tanked (a measure of body readiness)
5. Physically stiffer, less motivated to move.
6. Still feel like I’m waking up after 3.5 hours
7. Vegetables sound less appealing.

1. The “High” from sugar/ high glycemic starches (BUT, every time the plummet after lasts hours compared to the brief hour or so of pleasure).
2. Eat the same as others, don’t have to say or change anything. (You’ve shown it’s always possible to eat differently without drawing attention to the meal).
3. Zero effort needed (not really a benefit as it’s not difficult to prepare your optimal foods).
4. Sense of shared experience (this reads like rationalization, you connect in many meaningful ways with others, this is an unhelpful belief/thought that can be debated and changed).

COSTS OF MY OPTIMAL DIET (almost entirely keto)
1. Time to prepare and plan (false as you’ve shown that batch cooking saves time and money, this is an unhelpful belief that has changed and can be changed completely).
2. Behaving “differently” than almost everyone else. (percentages say this is true, HOWEVER you also want entirely different outcomes than most others are experiencing).
3. No starch “highs.” (Like with alcohol you know that the dopamine spike only lasts an hour or less before all the costs begin, there are many other ways to immediately change your mood for the better).
4. Electrolytes needed everyday. (easy fix that only takes a few minutes).
5. Preparing enough veggies each day. (like the other complaint this is irrational as it’s only a few minutes of work and the all-around satiety and health benefits you feel make it something you actually DO want to do).

1. Far leaner.
2. Mental and emotional focus, drive.
3. Far more resilient.
4. Stable blood sugar all day.
5. Little fixation on food.
6. Less food needed and more importantly desired every day.

Keto Diet Plan

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