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Keto Superbowl Food

Keto Superbowl Recipes

Keto Superbowl Food 


If you’ve only been doing the ketogenic diet for a short while you may be feeling some degree of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) this weekend as the big game approaches.  Fear not!  It is entirely possible to fully enjoy any sporting event while using this keto superbowl food guide.  I’ve put together my favorite recipes, combining deliciousness with the goals of eating a high protein ketogenic diet for optimal health.  These Keto Superbowl recipes can be used at any party when wanting the foods you are used to enjoying during celebrations while also maintaining your overall health and strength goals.

Naturally these recipes contain more fat and calories than my usual day to day meals.  BUT, when transitioning into a vigorous lifestyle it is imperative to not feel like everything must be sacrificed to pursue your leanest, healthiest, strongest body day in and day out.  Enjoy this keto superbowl food using minor variations depending on what macros you are trying to eat each day.  This allows you to choose the right mix of immediate pleasure and long term progress.

Ketobowl: Keto Super Bowl Snacks s

I can testify from firsthand experience now implementing this way of eating over 2017 that I actually enjoy holidays and parties MORE as I still eat delicious food AND also feel great after the party.  I am one who does not regulate sugars and starches well.  After eating these my norm is to experience a series of sensations that have more often than not lead to me choosing to drastically overeat.  We’re talking extra plates of food that left me feeling bloated and physically ill while my brain wanted to continue eating.  Extra pints of ice cream alone afterwards, even more alcohol alone when still in my drinking days.

Let’s be honest, if you are one who frequently overeats it’s not while choosing meat and green veggies.  It’s the sugars and starches combined with fats that trigger the urge, craving, whatever you want to call it.  There are many types of pleasures to be experienced beyond the immediate experiences of eating foods, drinking, etc., rationally it makes sense to optimize your overall pleasure rather than living for brief intense highs followed by hours, days, weeks or longer of continually lows.  I’ll happily be using these keto superbowl recipes to fully enjoy eating all day AND enjoy how I feel and look afterwards!

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To the recipes!  Simply enter your email below and you’ll immediately be redirected to our downloadable KetoBowl PDF.  I hope you enjoy your superbowl Sunday, and if this is your first party in ketosis you feel better than ever afterwards and the next day.  I’d be remise if I didn’t conclude by saying GO PATS!

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