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Life is an Adventure: What Story are we Writing?

Life is an adventure, and we are blessed to have these opportunities in our journeys.  Having been seriously chronically depressed for 13 years I learned repeatedly that the story we tell ourselves shapes our behavior (read here).   If we have lived very dysfunctional lives then the hardest lesson we must learn is how to change our beliefs about ourselves.  It is estimated that we have between 50,000-70,000 thoughts a day.  This is A LOT of practice reinforcing the story  learned from our childhood and more often than not carry into adulthood. 

Life is an Adventure: What Story are we Writing?

Life Lesson Quotes


I’ve found that experiencing insights, such as “life is an adventure,” is often followed by grief.  For far too long I expected to have what I refer to as a “Saint Paul Moment.”  For those unfamiliar with the story Paul enters as Saul, a man who vehemently persecutes Christians.  He is knocked off his horse by God and changes his entire life, becoming one of the greatest early figures of the Christian faith.  This theme is extremely popular in myth telling even today.  Peter Parker being bitten by a spider and becoming Spider-Man.  Bruce Wayne watching his parents die and transforming himself into Batman.  The entire original Star Wars trilogy was shaped by the founder of comparative mythology, Joseph Campbell, hence why those themes have evoked deep emotions for generations.

I have yet to have the moment where “everything changes,” and destiny intervenes to direct my life.  Rather I have had shifts, where something inside me changes, followed by frustration.  The barrier was always the work needed, that I needed to do to create the new life.

Daily Planner

how to lose weight

Based on my HOV (Hierarchy of Values)

I. Vigorous Parenting:  Providing for all the needs of my 16 month old and 40 month old toddlers.

II. Being an Strong husband:  Working and Living to my potential to give my best to my wife.

III.  Teacher of Vigor:  Leading by example for my students in Reno and beyond.

IV.  Resilient Entrepreneur:  Learning new methods each and every day and communicating them to help as many as possible.

V.  Creating the best tomorrow I can for my future-self and family.


Work Works


Shot videos


Overcoming Obstacles:  Maintaining Motivation




EGGS-HAUSTED!  The sleep challenges hit a new level this week.  I chose far too many times to reach for caffeine and can’t deny that moving in the right direction once again requires minimal to none each day.  I’ve done it before and can and will do it again and feel better!  I cannot control when my sons’ struggle to go to and stay asleep, but I can control my decisions that I have observed that I know are not optimal for my sleep.  The biggest step I see is putting away the phone each night ASAP, since I coach several nights a week a realistic and achievable time is 20:45 (8:45pm for all ya’ll non-24 hours clockers!).


Yesterday I was reminded of how physically easy most of my days are!  I helped my FIL for 4-5 hours removing old nails from a caboose on their new properties, then scraping, prepping and drilling screws in place to save the panels and get them ready to be painted!

Needless to say I was TIRED, another reason I know I chose to indulge in non-optimal sugary foods!  Today I’m choosing the best options to eat and recover, the afternoon massage will be very welcome and the choices this weekend won’t effect me the rest of the week.  Perfect?  Absolutely not!  My best?  Nope, not that either.  I slipped and today am getting up and moving forward once again.



Today’s Healthy Recipes:  

Keto Diet

Chose to eat sugars and starches yesterday, so not in ketosis today.  I’m ok with this decision, I also am reminding of what approach makes me feel best 24/7.  So today is transitioning back into ketosis.

Chicken/Broccoli Pho (fast breakfast from leftovers)

Nitro Cold Brew (still less caffeine than the past week and tomorrow is better to begin a more strict caffeine reduction).

Keto “Burrito Bowl” (YUMMM is all that needs to be said!)

Workout Routine


Ankle Dorsiflexion w/ bands

T-Spine Rotation Variations

Light Bent Arm-Bars

Sun Salutations


Daily Progress:  


Giving myself credit and the acceptance I’d tell a student.  I didn’t light up the world today with any huge accomplishments, but I DID do everything that needed to be done to get this week setup as best as possible for myself and my family.

Vigorous Keto Diet Plan

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