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The world’s most advanced and effective 12 week transformation system, changing each graduate both inside and out. There is no better system to safely lose and keep off the most body fat possible in 12 weeks. Unlike other systems however you will set personal strength bests, gain the most lean muscle mass possible, AND increase all around athletic performance & overall health.

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Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday: Life is Work

Motivation Monday: Life is Work

Monday!  Did you rest and rejuvenate this weekend?  Planned & prepared to create another satisfying and successful week?  Most are heading back to work and school today, perhaps not in the most excited of moods.

Get back into the weekly routine by refocusing on your greatest priorities and desires.  Use this fast and powerful tool to re-center when the inevitable obstacle pops up trying to throw you into a tailspin.  

Most of us aren’t moving enough, here is a simple to use drill you can use anywhere and anytime to feel alive.  Try it out when you feel locked up, not only physically, but mentally or emotionally.  Movement is a powerful tool that immediately impacts all aspects of health.

Life Lesson Quotes


Today it will take just as much effort to create a stronger body and mindset as it will to try and avoid the challenges in front of you.  Challenges, obstacles, problems, whatever name you choose for them are in your way to make you stronger.  We may not always “feel” like doing the needed work to overcome them, trying to escape and procrastinate feels far worse though.  I had to accept this as self-evident after running from my deepest desires for decades.

Consider the very definition of life:

“the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.”

Work and effort and struggle aren’t to be dreaded and avoided, they are essential characteristics of life. I realize “growth” in the definition pertains to physical growth, however it’s pretty well established that humans grow in other capacities. The last phrase of the definition, “continual change,” is tied to the misunderstood fact that reality is emergent.  This means reality is always changing and evolving.  If we want to live our best life we must adapt along with it.  We have the ability to choose what molds us.  Choose inactivity and eat junk pseudo-food and we adapt by becoming sluggish, increasingly tired and store the excessive and unnatural substances as body fat.

OR….  Choose to give your body what it needs.  Vigorous foods, human connection, physical movement, and the right amount of mental and emotional stress to adapt.

Movement Monday

This move is Awesome to release the neck and shoulders from chronic sitting, texting, etc.  Maybe you have yet to read about it, but text neck is now becoming a physical epidemic (read story here).  Once I demonstrate this easy movement to my students I never have to ask them to do it again, they make the time every time they train, and even daily on their own!  Powerful stuff. :)


Keto Diet Plan

Chronically overweight or obese?  Health in decline?  Need to overhaul your diet? To get you going we are offering a brand new Vigorous Keto Diet Plan, completely free and downloadable. This is the scientific keto approach I’ve been using with great success for the last 6-7 months to make some serious permanent changes I’ll be revealing soon!

Enter your info below now for instant access, and if you need the best (as in most efficient and safe) training program for YOUR needs, well we may be able to help with that too…… More to be revealed soon!

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