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Overcoming Adversity

Overcoming Adversity: Maintaining Motivation


“He who has a Why to live for can bear almost any How.”- Nietzsche.

My commitment to my biggest goals was tested from start to finish today.  Overcoming adversity by maintaining motivation while seriously sleep-deprived was a habitual shortcoming before being a father.  Over the last 4 years I have grown better at the skill of vigorous decision making even during periods of sleep-deprivation out of necessity.  SO the secret to becoming your healthiest-self is to have more kids.  Bwahahaha, I kid- I kid.


Overcoming adversity, maintaining motivation, however you choose to frame it in your mind is a learnable skill.  It is repeatedly choosing to make decisions that lead you to reaching your potential in the future, rather than trying to escape reality momentarily at the cost of overall health and happiness.  The first step is to clarify your “why,” these will be the grounding reasons for making decisions when things become difficult.  An exercise known in the REBT worl (Rational-Emotive Behavioral Therapy) is writing out one’s “HOV,” short for hierarchy of values.

overcoming adversity: maintaining motivationWrite out your top five priorities, some view these as defining their “mission,” view mine that I wrote yesterday while exhausted to help ground me so I wouldn’t choose unhealthy foods:

I.  Being the most vigorous man I can be so that;

II.  I am the best father I can be to my two young boys, and

III.  I am the best husband I can be for my wife.

IV.  Helping as many students s possible change their lives.

V.  Creating my family’s dream lifestyle.

An interesting aspect of the HOV is that the problem behavior(s) don’t make the list!  I’ve done this many times, at no point did drinking, gambling or binge-eating pseudo-junk foods make my list.  Try it out for yourself today, it takes all of five minutes at most.  Once written you will have an extremely powerful tool that will serve as a compass to overcome adversity and maintain motivation daily.

If that seems like it’s too difficult then tomorrow I will have a solution for that as well.  Here’s a link to view and download the HOV as presented by SMART (website):





Would living in a leaner, stronger, healthier, aka vigorous body make life better for you and your HOV?  That’s exactly what we do at Vigor Revolution, provide the tools YOU need to become vigorous in all areas of your life.  If you’ve been intrigued by the keto diet craze download our 100% free guide below, our approach comes from the best science in the field, aimed at making you healthier while burning maximal body fat!


If you’ve stagnated on your training routine and are not seeing results, or if you are overwhelmed and unsure where to begin, AND you do not live in Reno, NV to make our optimized classes…..  We will have your best solution possible, BIG announcement in the next week!


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