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Rational Thinking

Rational Thinking: Work

In my last blog (read here) I discussed maintaining motivation and overcoming adversity.  Today is an intro into the topic of “work.”

In the past I sought to find life hacks to make life easier.  I have learned some great tools for eating, training, and productivity. Yet the results I wanted either appeared slowly or not at all.



Life Lesson Quotes

Regardless of the hack, work is still necessary. Effort is required to change as a person, and by extension the world around us. Eventually I had to accept this truth, and have seen far better and faster change afterwards.  At first though I felt a lot of grief and distress learning this truth.

Having been chronically depressed (previous blog) putting forth any amount of effort seemed overwhelming. I’d procrastinate or try and ignore what had to get done. In the end though this just created even more distress and grief. My mind simply perceived ALL activity as being far more difficult. This perception, Along with feeling exhausted and drained all day, created my procrastination and a great deal of suffering.  Fortunately rational thinking is a skill that can be learned and strengthened.

Challenging unhelpful perceptions is needed to change. I say unhelpful rather than irrational as the latter seems to create many debates. Few of any of us really want to do the work and experience the discomfort of change. Framing our thoughts and beliefs as helpful/unhelpful bypasses this problem. If a thought or belief isn’t creating a desired result, practice using one that has worked for others.


Daily Planner

how to lose weight

Normal Routine (Parenting, Blogging, Vigor Keto+Movement, Teaching Study, Care for Animals)

Additional: Set-Up new habit app/ design mobile training plan/ batch cook for Monday-Wednesday.

Tool Time

Pleasure Predicting Sheet

Today’s tool is an unhelpful belief howitzer, clearing a void for rational thinking to take root and grow. Before we begin any needed activity that is creating distress, predict how hard it will be. If it’s an event or outing that doesn’t sound appealing, predict how enjoyable it will be. Here’s an example from starting this daily blog:

Difficulty of writing a blog of roughly 500 words: 8

Actual difficulty: 4-5

How much will I enjoy writing? 4

Actual enjoyment of creating the blog? 8-9

Maintaining Motivation


A long week as we continue to night-wean Owen.  Last night I had the first full night of sleep in several weeks, while desperately needed and welcomed I still felt off first thing this morning.  My daily practices have helped me write this, make beneficial eating decisions (over-eat day but still in ketosis), and will continue helping me enjoy today while being productive.  I will maintain rational thinking throughout the day by using a practice for a minute here and there to keep progress coming despite being exhausted.

Work Works


Work is a very subjective experience.  Our beliefs about work determine how efficient we are, and our mood during work and after we are done.  Work is an inherent activity in life, literally inseparable from living;

“activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result.”

Trying to avoid work is futile, even our most desired experiences require effort.  Whether something is “so hard,” or undesirable are choices.  Training or moving consciously may not be our first choice when we are tired.  Cooking may appear far less desirable than sitting and watching a movie.  Looking at the entirety of our life and wanting to live healthy, strong, and feel fully alive reveals these activities are desirable as they are necessary for living as vigorously as possible.

When not wanting to move, to work, consider that any effort at that point is moving forward to achieve your highest goals.  The “you” tomorrow will be far better off.  I found in the beginning I could lie to myself to rationalize starting healthy behaviors, just as we lie to ourselves to begin unhealthy behaviors.  Ever tell yourself you’ll have “one scoop” of ice cream and continue to choosing to eat until the pint is gone?  That was normal for me!  I learned when feeling overwhelmingly depressed to tell myself I would “only” do five minutes of exercise.  Once moving it’s far easier to stay moving.  Try it the next time that work looks undesirable, give your full attention and effort for “only a minute,” or some length of time that’s long enough to get you going and in the moment, repeat if needed.  Before you know it the training session or other activity will be done.

Today’s Healthy Recipes:  

Keto Diet

Keto refeed day!  More calories eaten than the previous week, maintaining ketosis by still eating almost all carbs from green vegetables.


CHEESE/ Salami

Vigor Burgers (recipe in our keto guide)

Keto Lemonade

Dr. Zevia

Keto-Lime Cheesecake

Guacamole & Pork Rinds



Daily Progress:  


Today was a productive off-day overall.  Zoned out a bit too long and could’ve gotten more work done.  Tomorrow I will use more movement for a few minutes to shift out of zombie mode ASAP.  Got to watch the Patriots win!















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