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Rite of Passage: A Modern Vigorous Journey

Rite of PassageRite of Passage: The Beginning of My Vigorous Renaissance

The journey into my next stage of existence, my rite of passage, begins today. In reality, the choices we make in this moment are creating tomorrow, just as our current circumstance were created by our past choices every day. The creation of this blog is my personal commitment to fully pursue my personal and professional goals. It documents the “transformation” thus far, which by the way, is a misnomer as most define it, and establishes a path for the change I will exponentially be creating in the world.

As I type this, I find this project to be filled with anxiety.  I once said I was “all in” many times in the past. However, I was still holding back and hoping for life to get easier or someone to do some, or most, of the hard work for me. Over the last year, I finally grasped the principles of change, and these can also guide you in your journey as they will continue to reshape me into my optimal-self.

At the age of nineteen I began to attempt to transform myself into someone else. On the eve of my 38th birthday, as I reflect on nineteen years of experience, including successful and unsuccessful steps taken attempting to change. I have learned that the true process of “transformation” is accomplished by removing limitations; to express the full potential that has laid dormant in us our entire life. These restrictions have been learned, reinforced through daily practice, and prevent each of us from fully expressing who we have been inside all along- buried under false beliefs and unhealthy coping strategies.

Years ago, while studying a program around the principles of masculinity, I began to learn of traditional rites of passage. I was enthralled and admittedly somewhat envious of such an experience. I believed lacking such practices and traditions in my own life was one reason I had gone astray and created the addictions I had to unlearn. (click below for some interesting examples of these traditional practices).


As best as I could comprehend rite of passage experiences provided:

· The means to overcome fear and anxiety that currently cripples the modern western male.
·Insight into one’s perceived versus actual mind and body limits through the use of extreme conditions and/or physical pain.
·A distinct experience to separate the experience of boyhood from manhood.
·A “death” to boy psychology and an opportunity to thus have the brain rewired with the principles of masculinity.
·An altruistic sacrifice: in most traditions I read about administered the extreme painful transformation in the context of ensuring the good of the tribe.

While it was easy to romanticize traditional rites of passage it should be noted that traditional tribal life contained many elements that would indeed be deemed incompatible with our modern American/Western values of equality.

While I do still believe that true masculinity is virtually non-existent in modern society at large (a look at the addictions and severe flaws of our leaders clearly shows this), we now have the opportunity to go far beyond our ancestors’ limits. This is done by incorporating their principles and then expressing them in a new way based on our increased understanding of reality and “the human condition”. Our modern world is far more peaceful than what we came from; it’s time to use these conditions to lead humanity into a new conscious existence.

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