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Vigor Revolution

The world’s most advanced and effective 12 week transformation system, changing each graduate both inside and out. There is no better system to safely lose and keep off the most body fat possible in 12 weeks. Unlike other systems however you will set personal strength bests, gain the most lean muscle mass possible, AND increase all around athletic performance & overall health.

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Phone: (775) 722-2350
Address: 50 Washington, Reno, NV 89503

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Amazing trainer! Super knowledgeable and will help you with what ever obstacles you have!

Zach has an excellent understanding of body mechanics and functional movement. He tailors workouts to you and your specific needs.

I have worked with Zach on numerous occasions over the past several years. His ability to coach and deliver intelligent training programs and results far exceeds other trainers. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a life changing experience to call upon Zach for his expert coaching.

My name is Tracy and I was a member of School of Strength since it was first introduced to Mercy Fitness Centers in 2013 in Springfield, MO. I entered the program not really knowing what to expect. I have participated in just about every type of fitness class and never really experienced lasting results. Then, I joined the kettle bell class. I began attending regularly and found I was becoming stronger and moving with more ease. I realized this in my everyday living activities such as lifting, pushing and pulling. I discovered that our movement patterns impact our everyday lives and can either work for me or against me depending on how I utilize that movement. I have also lost weight (had to buy new pants!) and have leaned up. And, my results have been tracked from day one thru strength testing held every few months. It’s great to see results! All this came thru my participation in kettle bell, learning to move better, and paying much closer attention to my nutrition. I thoroughly enjoy the classes, the participants and the instructor. Zach has brought a new perspective to strength and movement, a perspective that anyone of any age can appreciate. I would greatly encourage everyone to come and check out Vigor ®evolution. It’s about becoming a better YOU!

Zach was the first coach who taught me that strength is built from the ground up and based first and foremost in having solid movement patterns. His knack for thinking on his feet and communicating clearly to correct and adapt workouts and programming is uncanny. My time working with Zach was truly a journey where I learned how to combine proper rest, nutrition, mobility, and strength training to reach more goals and accomplish more each day than I had any time prior.

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