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Thanksgiving Day Fat Burning Workout

Thanksgiving Day Fat Burning Workout

Thanksgiving Day Fat Burning Workout 

-It IS possible to enjoy holidays without packing on new body fat.  Here is my Thanksgiving Day Fat Burning Workout strategy:

Minimize StressHolidays are stressful. Even if having fun and relaxing with friends and family we are generally bombarded by stimulus.  Heavier meals count here too.  Keeping the stressors we can control as minimal as possible is a key, hence why I will not be pushing myself too hard.  Fry yourself with high intensity training often enough and your brain will cope by seeking out instant stress relief.  For most this means sugar and other “comfort foods” which in the end aren’t comfortable at all.

Manageable & Realistic.  LOTS going on today.  Being with my sons, visiting family, cooking a bit, this blog, etc., etc.  Having a plan that requires going to a gym is a guaranteed way to fail.  Instead, I’m picking several full-body lifts I can do at home, WHILE I’m taking care of all the to-do’s that need to get done.  My shoulders and back are also still recovering from a week of training thus far, so I’m using lifts that won’t delay my recovery.  These will be done in sets that are roughly 80% effort.


Sun Salutations w/ a twist, followed by medium Get-Ups.

Afternoon (Pre-Lunch) Circuit

1. ABZ Lat-Pulldowns.

2. Bench Press/ Weighted Push-Ups.

3. Kettlebell Swings (Mediumish).

This selection checks all of the boxes based on my training this week.  Can’t use these?  Pick exercises you CAN do.  For example ANYONE can do push-ups at any point during the day! Pick an elevation that allows for 6-10 reps with your best form and repeat every few minutes, try to get 100 total!

Thanksgiving Meal Eating Strategies


Now that we’ve addressed the Thanksgiving Day fat burning workout let’s look at how to FULLY enjoy your meal(s) without unwanted side-effects.

Get Your Fill. Most of us are accustomed to overeating.  I’ve found personally that one satiety marker for me is the volume of food I eat, not just calories.  For this reason I need to get at least two cups of green veggies per meal, give or take.  Finding personal ratios is crucial, that way when we have seconds or need more calories at a normal meal we can maintain 0ur individual optimal ratios of protein, veggies, fat and the least amount of starch needed if our eating plan incorporates starches.  Today I’ll be eating copious amounts of turkey and veggies before adding the starches to the meal.

Pre-Game.  NO, not that kind of pre-gaming.  I’m writing instead about another way to suppress the urges to keep eating.  Each meal (having lunch and dinner today) will be started off with a tablespoon of potato starch.  This is a resistant starch that feeds the helpful gut bacteria, those guys we try and cultivate in our gut by taking probiotics.  They need to feed though, and potato starch is the best source I’ve found for resistant starch without starch.  (warning, if you’ve never used this you WILL get gassy from the gut bacteria feeding, you may want to test with 1-2 teaspoons instead of a full tablespoon the first time out!)

MED, AKA Minimal Effective Dose.  MED is a concept I read first from Tim Ferrriss.  It’s actually quite a brilliant way of shifting focus when incorporating changes for one’s optimal vigor (strength & health) and physique.  Finding one’s MED means seeking how little we actually need and want something.  Most are trying the other end of the spectrum and not seeing results due to trying to eat, drink, etc. as much as possible.  Won’t work, never has and never will.  Start testing how little of something you need to fully experience it.  A personal example of this is caffeine.  I’ve found through trial and error that 40mg or less of caffeine per serving elevates me without the wired-tired, shakiness or eventual crash sensations.  Today I’ll be having as little sugar and caffeine as possible while getting my fill through vigorous options!

Exogenous Ketones.  Keto supplements are all the rage right now.  My plan was to test these today for mood and appetite impact.  HOWEVER, they arrive tomorrow so stay tuned!  One final word on these though…..  These strategies do not provide mystical results, in the end your health and physique will be determined by what you’re doing 90% plus of the time.  Don’t fall into the trap of trying to supplement a gluttonous, unhealthy diet and lifestyle, you’ll only perpetuate the rollercoaster of dysfunctional eating and lack of vigor.

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